2016: Beyond the Thunderdome 2

Happy New Year. I hope 2016 was kind to you. 

Filming Canned Peaches at Pinewood Studios

Filming Canned Peaches at Pinewood Studios

2016 started with us being in the Dominican Republic where it was really warm. Some cool dudes were kind enough to invite us there to help film a movie called Canned Peaches.

Shortly after returning to the UK we went to Portemeirion in Wales to shoot some segments for Canned Peaches. One of our actors got so cold that we all had to rub different parts of his body for about fifteen minutes. Nope, this didn’t include his cock.

Five minutes before Aidan nearly died of hyperthermia

Five minutes before Aidan nearly died of hyperthermia

The film took up a large chunk of the year. We locked down our edit in May, shortly after filming the final shot which involved Lloyd dribbling some tinned peaches down his chin.

In the second half of the year we were able to find the time to make two shorts. The first was Dead Bird Pocket which you can see below.

You can read about the process of making the film HERE. It seemed to go down well online and we still have the dead bird in the freezer at home. I think it’s my favourite short film we’ve ever done and I’m proud that it was shot entirely by our family, at our parents house with a budget of £20.

In October we shot Spooky Club. You can see it below and read about it HERE.

Spooky Club got a vimeo staff pick and was posted around the internet by some well read sites like io9, firstshowing and digg. Vincent Price’s daughter emailed us to say she loved it, which was a highlight for us. We’ve actually had some cool ideas for a feature version of the short, so we might start work on that this year.

Aside from that, we’ve been doing a lot of writing. We’re currently working on the latest draft of a pirate adventure film called Dead Man’s Island. I’ve posted the first page of our treatment for it below. Hopefully one day we’ll get to make it. It’s really good, I hope.

Let’s hope 2017 is a good one. Don’t take shit from any mother fucker, even if they are offering you magic beans. Chances are they won’t work unless you have particularly fertile soil.

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