I make videos.


"In recent years filmmaking siblings Joe and Lloyd Stas have made quite the name for themselves under the Holomax banner with a series of well received shorts which utilise their signature blend of surreal situations, deadpan delivery and a DIY approach to production which enhances rather than detracts from the filmmaking aesthetics."  - directorsnotes.com

Our names are Joe and Lloyd and we produce films under the name Holomax, which is a reference to the cinema in Back To The Future Part II. We really like the Back to the Future films but agree that the third one has some weak points, mainly Doc Brown's relationship with Clara.

We were both born in Nottingham, England, which is notable for being the home of Robin Hood. When we were young we moved to a tiny island between England and Ireland called The Isle of Man. It's famous for housing the world's largest water wheel and for having cats with no tails. People think they're cute but they actually have a disease which makes them constantly shit everywhere.

We made a lot of films when we were young with our other two brothers (Tom and Rowan) using our Grandad's camera. One was a Predator parody called Bush Master and another was a copy of Reservoir Dogs. The title of that one wasn't really politically correct but we were under the age of ten so I'm going to use that as an excuse. Once we got to an age where we realised how awful and embarrassing they were we had to steal them from my Grandad and hide them somewhere that they'd never be found. We have no idea where they are now so live in constant fear of them being uncovered.

If you want to chat to us please email us at joestas@me.com.